Zero System, Inc. | OkCupid reviews very first made an appearance on issues Board on Jan 20, 2010.
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OkCupid reviews very first made an appearance on issues Board on Jan 20, 2010.

OkCupid reviews very first made an appearance on issues Board on Jan 20, 2010.

19:13 20 November in Sugar Daddy Sites websites

OkCupid reviews very first made an appearance on issues Board on Jan 20, 2010.

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OkCupid Complaints & Analysis, Page 4

OkCupid — scammers!

We signed up with OKCupid last week. Within a-day I experienced met 3 different males which all appeared nice and genuine! One stated.

OkCupid — inferior

OkCupid was an unusual term for a site, like some Russian or Nigerian not comfortable with English would develop. And it’s nearly cost-free: you pay for the very best Sugar Daddy dating review services – IM (immediate Message) integrated — which are cost-free on other sites. It’s got a lot of ghost people: the ones with just a nickname no profile, while some didn’t login for the past 4 to 14 several months. I contacted all of them three times and so they never ever answered, so I threw in the towel on it: in terms of Customer Support these are generally a large 0 (zero). Their unique coordinating experience suspicious to put it mildly (obviously they use an infantile algorithm). And Spam is widespread .

Incorporate their thoughts

Oops, sorry, i suppose I was responding to others commenter.

You do NOT have to cover to I am on OKCupid — just how’d your develop that? IM might not run from your phone, but that’s the phone. Use a pc.

As to people who have a nickname, but no visibility, havingn’t signed on for several months — exactly why are you wanting to get in touch with those? The one thing I am able to think of is that they has a photo up you want. Is that they? Okay, so that you’re a shallow loser, and so are they. What’s the challenge?

OMG. Okay. These are typicallyn’t “fake” or “ghost” pages — they are just not great people. So what does it pertain to your? So how exactly does it influence your? Therefore, they don’t really placed a picture up (you do not have to), as well as do not fill in the essays (they do not need to). They answer questions so they are able be revealed the people which could be of interest to them. What is actually complicated about this? I could read people (especially feminine) who wish to perform the selecting, never be contacted by visitors.

This “shooting gallery” just like you refer to it as, is actually foolish, but benign. I am not sure what you think are “very clever” about it. It’s pictures of people, as you are able to level, if you wish to. No one is advised that they’ve gotten a minimal rating — you are merely told if someone else scored your a 4 or 5. How in the arena is the fact that terrible? Just don’t exercise (I do not).

If anyone you attempt to contact actually contacting you right back, would it be because YOU’RE the shallow any? Or maybe just as superficial as them? Will you compose to average searching ladies, or to exactly the same top 10per cent that everybody more writes to, as well.

Okcupid is a superb Gigantic Past Swindle. I’ve reported with this board elesewhere towards webpages. We most not too long ago returned to it to find out if any such thing have changed? But, Noooo. Same Old, Same Exact. Actually, during the last month or more, I’ve also observed at the least three of the bare or “Ghost” pages ADDRESS A CONCERN. Like, how does an “Icon”, — No profile, No picture, No Data answer a question, e.g., “23 minutes ago”, etc.? It’s simply a “Formula”, a “Shooting Gallery”, like mechanical Ducks at a carnival shooting Booth. The users just circulate and arbitrarily “Pop up” to help you just take a “Shot at”, etc. Next, they collapse straight down and circle about once more for the next one to “Pop up”, etc. really brilliant, but most CRUEL, because you tend to be using people’s behavior. Naturally, some people are going to connect on there, however, I think really, very FEW. Many people on there most likely just “give upwards” and move on, dissatisfied. — fake/false pages

Fake individual profiles needs to be subjected! I have lodged a grievance with screenshots as research, but so far the.

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