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The Pros and Cons of White Label Payment Gateway

The Pros and Cons of White Label Payment Gateway

19:11 15 September in FinTech

To that end, make sure your white-label payment processing partner offers excellent customer support round the clock, including the ability to speak with a live person who can provide assistance in real time. White-label payment processing refers to the practice of using a third-party payment gateway and/or other payment technology—fully branded as your own—to process payments. In this case, the organization that provides the payment technology for ISVs, SaaS companies, or other organizations to use as their own, is known as a white-label payment processor. MONEI makes everything easy MONEI is a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments either online and offline. MONEI can be integrated directly into your website or online store with just one simple line of code . MONEI protects you against fraud, can issue refunds and helps your business succeed.

Implement strong access control with OAuth authentication and scoping that convert sensitive information into a temporary and ever-changing key. Besides the smart routing engine, we provide a one-stop Checkout solution designed with the consumer in mind. 3.49% plus 49 cents for Venmo (U.S. only), transactions in non-U.S.

Seamless Integration

You’ll also want to make sure the solution is cost-effective and offers modern APIs and SDKs that ensures a quick and seamless integration. Can you take advantage of any third-party integrations that your partner offers? Can merchant onboarding be done in-app through customizable enrollment flows? Does the platform offer robust reporting features to check user activity, residuals, and volumes? There are a few essential things you’d want to consider before choosing a payment partner that offers white-label payment processing.

  • In addition to the website, social media pages, apps, and other channels, a customized integrated payment gateway solution also helps improve your brand’s visibility to consumers.
  • The implementation of required payment integrations might take time.
  • It’s not surprising since your business does not receive a significant part of the income precisely for this reason.
  • This ensures that customers have a range of payment options to choose from, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and other digital payment methods.
  • You will receive a white label payment gateway with a complete card-present solution, including SoftPOS and remote key loading mechanisms.

Moving away from compliance, security and 24/7 operations, to business-driven conversations with your customers about their plans for growth and success, we will shift our focus. Radar Payments can be used by banks, payment service providers , acquirers and issuers as well as payment fintech companies. Twenty-five years of global experience translate into end-to–end processing that allows for an unrivalled array of payment types, types, and schemes to be integrated into full commerce services. This is the best option if you want to process payments under your own brand with a custom solution while saving on payment transaction fees. Radar Payments is a white-label one-stop service that connects all payments to commerce. Moving your infrastructure from stack to service not only frees up capital in terms of money, it also frees up entrepreneurial energy.

Flexibility to cater to any payment interaction

There won’t be anything to suggest that a third party is involved in the payment process. They provide a secure and reliable platform for businesses to process payments quickly and easily. We gave the first cryptocurrency exchange in the CIS region a single place to manage its operations and provide payment services to other businesses. Just taking a look at our ever-growing list of the latest integrations, can help you understand how seriously we are intended to fulfill your business aspirations.

You can use cutting-edge payment technology to allow for alternative payment methods processing to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding clients. A high-risk merchant account refers to an agreement between a merchant bank. It allows you to accept wires, Ewallet payments, crypto, and debit cards as well as international payment methods.

For this purpose, you might use the services of your own or the provider’s development team. Enhanced Security – White label payment gateways provide added security by ensuring customer data is protected during transactions and stored securely on their servers. This added layer of protection helps keep customer data safe from theft or misuse. Our main goal is to help you launch a customized and brand-relevant white label payment gateway solution under your brand’s name. We offer you a golden opportunity to select the design, brand, and domain for the white label payment gateway set up.

An opportunity to win more profitable business

It helps various categories of businesses to smoothly handle digital payments. However, not everyone clearly understands what a white label payment solution is. Moreover, there is a constant debate on whether white label option is better than the one you develop from scratch. If you are the owner of a small eCommerce website, you probably don’t need white-label merchant processing white label payment gateway services. But, if your business belongs to SaaS platforms, Payment Facilitators, ISOs, ISVs, Equity groups, or Investments Companies – a white label payment gateway might be the right solution for you. White label payment gateways also offer businesses the ability to customize the look and feel of the payment experience, helping them to create a more seamless customer experience.

Features Provided by White Label Payment Gateways

Phone, wallet, keys – the three “essentials” everyone scrambles to find before leaving home. You don’t have to build or maintain the service yourself, so heavy lifting like security, compliance, and infrastructure are already taken care of for you. By processing, I accept terms of Akurateco Service and confirm that I have read Akurateco’s Privacy Policy.

We have used modern security tools that secure the sensitive details of your users and protect confidential information from unauthorized users. Marketing automation tools such as Infusionsoft or ActiveCampaign also have built-in integration for processing payments via white label payment gateways. This is extremely useful if you want to streamline your sales funnel and automate recurring billing processes. White label payment gateway providers offer businesses the ability to integrate with third-party services. These services can include customer relationship management systems, accounting software, and other business management tools. Integration with these services can help businesses streamline their operations by automatically updating their records, reducing manual data entry and potential errors.

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